Puzzle Archive

Canvas Puzzle

Canvas Puzzle is a fully-customizable and easy to implement HTML5 jigsaw puzzle. Drag and drop images from your desktop to create puzzles!

Animal Puzzle

A rotating puzzle game with cute pictures of animals. The game’s difficulty will increase as you progress so it can be challenging and interesting for everyone.

The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer is a HTML5 puzzle game freely inspired to Zuma gameplay. The game contains 3 different progressive levels.

Kids Puzzle Adventure

A perfect tool for improving children’s shape recognition and association, learning new words and rediscovering their favorite imaginary adventures in the form of puzzles.

Sliding Puzzle

SLIDING PUZZLE IS A SIMPLE PUZZLE GAME, WHICH HAS THREE GAME MODES: CLASSIC, CHALLENGE AND FUN. You can swap neighbourly pieces by swiping. CLASSIC MODE: There are three type of hints: Show edges (Until next move) – 5 move penalty Swap any pieces (PuzzleSize-2) Show full image – 10 move penalty CHALLENGE MODE: In this